A note about MadRabbit

First, thanks for visiting my antique website about a decades-old road trip. I hope you'll enjoy my many judgments about places all around the lower 48.

If you're a repeat visitor, you may note that the URL madrabbit.com/roadtrip has now brought you to the new home of this site, carinamerrick.com/roadtrip. That's because the owners of Mad Rabbit Tattoo, a tattoo after-care products company, approached me about buying the madrabbit.com domain. They seemed like good people, and I agreed. As part of the deal, I asked them to redirect the old address to this new one.

This website is not affiliated with Mad Rabbit Tattoo, its owners, or its products in any way. Please do not hold anything on this site against them, as they have no control over it, and I'm sure they think St Louis is a perfectly lovely city that everyone should visit. They are not responsible for the content of this note or any other portion of this site.

Thanks again for stopping by,

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